RBS – None Core Brochure

Client: RBS
Project: None Core

Deliverables: Editorial Design, Art Direction

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RBS is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of the The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc, and provides banking facilities throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The company were looking for a way of communicating to employees how their future careers may evolve, whether they stayed with the company or moved on to pastures new. They wanted a way to make employees to feel valued and want to strive to be able to develop their careers.

We wanted to create a brochure with an organic, personal feel, steering clear of the usual banking cliches of cold, corporate imagery. Using backlight photography of trees and grasses in the wild we suggested a feeling of natural growth. A fresh, pastel colour pallet and recycled paper stock continued our gentle approach.