Mercer – Marketplace

Client: Mercer
Project: Marketplace

Deliverables: Editorial Design, Art Direction

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Mercer is an American global human resource and related financial services consulting firm, headquartered in New York City.

Mercer Marketplace is one of the company’s key business offerings; a benefits exchange where employees can tailor their benefit package from wide range of providers. Mercer wanted to create a printed flyer as an initial touch point for potential clients.

The client already had a Marketplace logo, but no real guidelines or photography direction. We decided to deconstruct the logomark, making more of a feature of each of the geometric shapes, using each one to highlight a particular feature.

We also developed a photographic style, going for lifestyle shots of people outdoors, reinforcing the health benefits of the product. We chose to further bolster the geometric logo by using a square format for the brochure, and using plastic foils to add a tactile feel.